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Imaging Intelligence​ ziostation REVORAS

Feature of REVORAS

Improve Your Workflow

A single click to reconstruct 3D from CT images​

REVORAS has an improved workflow to reconstruct 3D image.
3D can be reconstructed from arterial / portal / venous phase CT images with a single click.

Feature of REVORAS

Improve Your Workflow

Precise Anatomy Auto-Extraction and Segmentation
Simple Bile Duct Fusion

Anatomy can be auto-extracted with precision and segmented by unique algorithm.
Bile duct can be drawn with intuitive UI.

Feature of REVORAS

Visualize Your Resection Plan

You can visualize resection plans for individual cases with intuitive UI.​​
Visualize exposure of hepatic veins and laparoscopic specific resection line to share surgical strategies with your team.