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Philosophy and Vision


Realize new value with
software technology
and contribute to society


Innovation for Medical care and Society
through Software Technology.

With our creative software technology, we are committed to serving various needs in the evolving field of medical care and contributing to make healthcare and society better.


We will pursue the possibilities of software technology, and in healthcare and other areas, we will;

  • Develop advanced and practical products.

  • Realize superior usability and performance.

  • Provide new use value from the perspective of the user.

Our Values


Think what we can do and what we should do

We will question existing assumptions and conclusions with our own thought, and think what we can do and what we should do, pursuing the true nature of the issue.

Break through

Strive for possibilities and exceed limitations and expectations

We will not be bound by preconceived ideas. With different thinking and novel approaches, we will break through limitations, expectations and all barriers.


Assess the needs and realize the solutions

Not only developing technology with a broad perspective and advanced knowledge from both inside and outside the company, we will recognize the true meaning of the needs and realize the solutions.


Look into the future and continue to create value

In a world with evolving technologies, we will always ask ourselves and think, to develop technology for the future and to continue to create new value.