Navigable Intelligent Visualization for Diagnosis and Treatment Ziostation2


3D image processing by general-purpose browser Web Client

High-level processing in compatible browser on any OS platform

Users can manipulate 3D images and view reports saved at Ziostation2 anywhere using a web browser. Numerous advanced features such as segmentation, mask operations, manipulation of MPR and MIP images and WL/WW changes are available.

No installation of software is required

No installation of special software is required on any client computer or device, nor are there any unusual system specifications required for the use of VersaWeb.
Log in from the web browser (IE or Firefox) to access, view and manipulate images. Users can access images from virtually anywhere on the hospital network, including PACS and EMR terminals, and can review both original series from the modality as well as images processed and created at Ziostation.

VersaWeb can run on mobile devices

With Versaweb, 2D and 3D imaging can be used in any mobile devices iOS, Android and Windows using compatible browser without any complications.

Collaboration features

A Collaboration feature is a standard aspect of VersaWeb, allowing multiple users to view the same data simultaneously and hand off control of the screen to each other as needed in conference style.

DICOM Direct Access

DICOM data can be opened from multiple servers and from any vendor, utilizing the existing network environment.

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