DICOM conformance statement

DICOM is an abbreviation of "Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine" and its an international standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. DICOM conformance statement is a document that declares conformity of the software with the DICOM standard and its compliance range.

Model Name Software Version Conformance Statement
Ziostation2 Ver2.4 or later For Ziostation2.4
Ver2.1 or later For Ziostation2.1
Ver2.0 or later For Ziostation2.0
Ziostation Ver1.2 or later For Ziostation 1.2
ZIOBASE Ver.4.40 For ZIOBASE 4.40
Ver.4.00 For ZIOBASE 4.00
Ver.3.95 For ZIOBASE 3.95
Ver.3.94 For ZIOBASE 3.94
ZioTerm2009 Ver2.0.0.0 or later For ZioTerm2009


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