Always be challengers

Since our founding, our mission has been to contribute to society through the development of truly useful products in the field of medical imaging, always keeping in mind the challenge of tackling new technologies.

Our advanced and practical image processing system has been trusted and patronized by a wide range of customers.

We will continue to develop better products in the future by sincerely listening to customers' voices in order to make a continuous contribution through further technological innovation and response to diversifying needs in the ever-evolving world of medical imaging.

Shusuke Chino, President

We think

We always question premises and previous conclusions with our own sensitivity.

Is the premise certain? Are we not trapped by assumptions? What is the core of the problem?
We always ask questions to ourselves and pursue the essence.
What is the service and what are the products that are needed?
These are our principles.

We break through

Breaking down limits, common sense, and all barriers.

Sometimes we need to challenge to realize the possibilities we envision.
We will break through the barriers by changing the way we think, developing innovative technologies, and taking new approaches without being bound by preconceived notions.

We realize

Connecting science and needs with technology.

The product development based on advanced technology cannot be accomplished without a solid connection between needs and technology.
We create practical products by working alongside advanced users, instead of limiting ourselves to mere technological development.

We continue

Continue all the way into the evolving future.

Technological development is a continuous challenge in a world where new technologies are constantly being introduced.
We will continue to contribute to society through software technology by constantly questioning ourselves, challenging, and developing practical products.