Outstanding technology expanding and enhancing
the possibilities of medical imaging

We have been working on unique and innovative technologies as experts in software technology and creating high-performance and practical products.

The high-speed and high-definition rendering processing realized ahead of other companies in Japan. The network system providing image processing anywhere. The first commercialized image recognition technology for medical images in Japan. Dedicated clinical applications covering a wide range. Ziosoft's software technology is used to the maximum extent in the field of medical devices.

The scope of medical imaging applications is expanding along with the improvement in recognition technology using AI. We will continue to evolve with new technologies, providing new value to the medical field, and committing to the development of society.

Confidence in innovation and realization
that has built the era of imaging diagnosis.

Ziosoft's innovative and practical software technologies are recognized in various clinical fields and widely supported.

Our flagship product, the "Ziostation" series, has been installed in hospitals and other medical institutions, with more than 3,000 systems, and has the top market share in the 3D medical image processing workstation market in Japan.

3D medical image processing workstation, Ziostation2

Ziosoft's products are used in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide.